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Micro- Franchises

E2E (Engage to Earn)

Unlike the recent hype in the ChatGPT narratives and the like, our team have had experience with ML and AI for a number of years and have been curating their skills for the development of our Engagement Interaction Dashboard. See "Overlook of ENERD" for more information.
This platform will utilise AI & blockchain technology to empower users to interact with other areas of the wider web3 ecosystem through social media, marketing and promotional programs, sales & rewards activities etc.
The Interaction dashboard allows user to earn $EMCO rewards for their actions across:
  • Social Media Platforms - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Emails, Discord, Telegram, Websites, etc.
  • Affiliate marketing programs, refer to earn platforms, marketing and sales activities, auction promotion, community FAQ & intelligence, etc.
  • Interactions such as engaging in social media Likes, Comments, Follows, shares, community activities etc.
By engaging through these archetypes, users provide intrinsic value to the wider community, to other brands and projects, and ultimately to the core business model, for which they are rewarded for their activity through the rewards pool in the ultimate 'engage-to-earn' model.
With B2B partner integration, the AI combs the internet to search for new opportunities for users to engage where previous attempts from 3rd parties have failed to generate traction, allowing scalability and consistency in interactions from EMCO users. The backend of the platform uses AI to determine the engagement metrics which are required for a task as well as the amount each is worth in rewards. The AI component of the app / dashboard will make use of the most advanced techniques for AI applications in social media, digital marketing, digital sales and B2B to optimise the community revenue.
Users will be able to interact with the EMCO Network Engagement Rewards Dashboard and earn $EMCO tokens by completing tasks provided to them, these tasks will be created with Ai. EMCO Network will access the target platform such as Twitter and determine what the task will be based off the performance results of previous posts. It will provide a unique task for users, this will help to ensure that the user interactions are genuine as it will be a different task for a different post on each occasion. Manual requests can be made to direct the engagement to specific content so that targeted marketing campaigns can be created.
Users can use their earned $EMCO in various ways including:
The scalability of ENERD is large with a whitelabel and comercialised solution, users will be able to connect with any social media platform or affiliate marketing platform that will allow for an api connections. Once the commercial roll out occurs, projects that utilise the ENERD (EMCO Network Engagement Rewards Dashboard) will be able to setup a buyback system and connect their own tokens to the campaigns. Allowing for automatic buy backs on completion of the task. For example, they may set a goal of 100 likes on a post or a particular platform. Upon completion of this task via users engaging. An automatic buy back of their token will occur. This will help provide a further deflationary model to projects that use the ENERD system and provide added value to the project. EMCO Network will receive a fee on every buy back from every project that uses ENERD. These profits will follow the tokenomic modelling of the EMCO Network Revenue split.

Every module will have its own AI. Data and application bridges shall be built upon specific requirements.

Media Platform for ENERD
This is a functionality to connect ENERD software with its own media, built on third party tools that are already streamlining media and content management.
Task Generator
It works under ENERD Admin platform under human supervision and is an AI module that receives data streams from Content, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Community Member Analysis Tool, Transactional Management and rewards Bank. It will generate tailored Tasks paired with rewards and post them as TPs. From the community member personalisation module and in conjunction with rewards and task generation modules, the TPs are posted through the UI.
Transactional Manager
A hybrid module combining traditional algorithmic, statistical and AI to incept TPs as TBCs as well as to verify if the TBC is done by a particular CMx, assigning the corresponding reward from the rewards bank.
Content Creation, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media modules:
AI under human supervision scanning the object of interest for progress made on a certain baseline criteria, detecting gaps that could become TPs. Clear definition of scope of the objects of interest, baseline criteria and targets are key for a successful implementation of these modules. Given the inner complexity of each segment, each module is prone to become a service or SaaS on its own accord for Web 2 or Web 3 applications. In fact this can become a very interesting service for marketers of all sorts, using $EMCO as currency to buy these as a separate or integrated SaaS. In this case, a separate UI under ENERD shall be created (like a subset of functions under ENERD ecosystem).
Rewards Bank
A simple interface with the token’s reward pool