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Asset Backed NFTs

NFTs provide holders with a Proof-Of-Custody
EMCO users will have the unique opportunity to swap their $EMCO tokens for RWA NFTs; the user can redeem a physical asset in the form of a coin, round, or bar, depending on the value; assets include Gold, Silver and select Gemstones. Users can hold these for safekeeping or choose to redeem the investment, which is sent via secure courier. KYC for courier redemption is subject to the value denoted in the user's local jurisdiction and the country’s custom declaration laws.
Relationships are being established at a local level across the globe that will allow users the ability to exchange their digital assets for physical assets at trusted and vetted bullion dealer partners. This will empower users the ability to convert easily into an asset class of physical value that they can use within local economies
If a user decides instead to convert un-redeemed NFTs back into USDT or $EMCO, a secondary marketplace will be available through EMCO that will allow other users to place bids on these NFTs at discounted rates. E.g; A buyer might put a bid of $10,000 at a 3% discount to purchase. Their USDT is sent to the smart contract and held. When a seller/s agrees to the rate, the smart contract will complete the trade, sending the tokens and NFT/s to the appropriate parties. Both buyers and sellers can place offers onto the market at their desired price points ensuring a dynamic and inclusive ecosystem.
Assets that can be obtained will be rolled out in stages and will include: GOLD, SILVER & GEMSTONES.
Asset Backed NFTs allow the owner the fungibility to sell the NFT on secondary marketplaces. If sold, the NFT is transferred to the new owners wallet and the corresponding physical asset (and its rights) are assigned to the new owner. If an NFT can only redeem the physical assets once, after it is claimed the NFT becomes an a certificate of Authentication provided by EMCO Network.
For those who choose to have the physical asset shipped, no KYC is needed under the valuation of $10,000, however; this is subject to the owners geographic location, and those who seek to on-sell or store physical assets will need to be mindful of any local jurisdictions related to the importation, custody, and sale of their assets.
How to Succeed as a Precious Metals Investor
Precious metals investors will do best by following these guidelines:
1. Stick with bullion coins, bars, and rounds.
2. Buy popular bullion forms and avoid un-marked, off-weight, or oversized bars and rounds.
3. Buy whatever offers the lowest premium in order to accumulate as many ounces as possible.