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Business Model - Revenue

EMCO does not offer users to participate in the purchasing of precious metals and gemstones directly, the above option is how they interact with the precious metals and gemstones TRADING SYSTEM, doing it this way provides transparency and authentication. The primary business model of EMCO Network is the trading of large volumes of precious metals and gemstones which most occur on a B2B level, we will utilize an online auction site to allow for some B2C sales as well.

Inventory Sales

The revenue model is based off the primary underlying business model where EMCO Network leverages its extensive experience and industry connections to facilitate the supply and distribution of precious metals and gemstones on a business-to-business (B2B) level. The company's revenue model is built upon its well-established presence in the industry, nurtured over several decades.
One of the key factors contributing to our success is its direct contracts with precious metal mines and refineries. These contracts provide the company with a reliable and consistent supply of high-quality precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. By having direct access to these mines and refineries, we can ensure the authenticity and integrity of the precious metals it offers to its clients. Through strategic partnerships and long-standing relationships, the company has established itself as a trusted supplier of precious metals and gemstones to various industries. Our commercial customers, which may include jewelry manufacturers, industrial manufacturers, and financial institutions, rely on EMCO Network for their material needs. Additionally, penetration of the government sector provides diversification of clientele and helps mitigate risks associated with fluctuations in demand from a single industry or customer segment.
Our framework spans across numerous countries, allowing EMCO Network to tap into a global market for precious metals and gemstones. This international presence provides the company with a broader customer base and enables it to cater to the demands of clients worldwide. As a result, we are well-positioned to capitalize on opportunities in emerging markets and adapt to changing market dynamics.
Our commitment to growth is evident through continually exploring new markets, identifying potential customers, and establishing strategic partnerships to expand our reach. By continuously broadening our geographical footprint and customer base, we enhance revenue generation to solidify our position as a leading player in the precious metals and gemstones industry.

Vault Sales

The purpose of this vault is to keep assets that can be easily converted into available cash flow to purchase more inventory for the business model to increase the vault size as well as generate profits to be used within the framework of the EMCO Network.
The EMCO Network treasury vault will consist of assets such as but not limited to: Gems & Precious Metals, Tokens such as $ETH, $BTC, Genesis NFTs, and other valuable assets. The composition of the vault may vary from time to time depending on market conditions, forecast projections and governance proposal results, however the portfolio will be maintained with the task to store valuable assets for future sale at higher returns.
The vault has two components, one digital and the other physical. The digital vault will be held in a FireBlocks wallet (https://www.fireblocks.com/) or similar with multi-sig authority to ensure its security and safety. The physical vaults will be held in various locations to improve on asset security and safeguard against a singular point of failure. The vaults are held in contract with specialised entities who are regulated and provide insurance over the value of the stored assets.


The EMCO Network Engagement Farming Platform generates revenue from B2B application utilising community interaction as the framework around increasing exposure to projects/business both in web2 and web3. With this approach we are able to tap into liquidity from both DeFi and Traditional markets. As the shift from paper based currencies to digital currencies occur, EMCO Network is positioned to streamline the transition for Businesses who are looking to mitigate the complexities of on-ramping into digital currencies.
The platform will also be be offered as a white-label SaaS on a commercial level to other token and non-token projects looking to empower their communities and build their brands.