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Defi Staking Rewards

Why a reward-based economy is key to resurrecting DeFi - https://crypto.news/defis-need-for-rewarding-users-a-path-to-sustainable-growth/

Reward Pools

$EMCO tokens are the staple of the rewards system and distribution of value within the EMCO Network. Users and Stakers are rewarded with $EMCO tokens for their interactions and engagement within Engagement protocols.
$EMCO Tokens in the rewards pool will be used with the Engagement model to provide $EMCO rewards to those participating in the program, the dashboard will allow for an api connection with several platforms such as social media, analytic platforms, email and CRM software, etc. It will then provide unique tasks for users to engage and interact with. Users will need to have a compatible wallet in order to receive their reward of $EMCO which they can then stake or sell.
Users can also stake their $EMCO tokens to earn a return via various DeFi pools. The amount they receive will be based on various factors including the differing length of staking, difference between value staked and other active conditions.