EMCO Network

What is EMCO Network?

EMCO Network Unleashes Blockchain’s Potential for Precious Metal Industry and Financial Inclusion.
EMCO Network, a pioneering Defi project, is set to revolutionize the digital and financial landscapes as well as the precious metals and mining industry by leveraging its unique blend of real-world experience in precious metals and artificial intelligence sectors.
Addressing the challenges faced by users from low socio-economic backgrounds, EMCO Network aims to provide a novel platform to tap into their digital identities, generating financial opportunities while fostering organic online interactions. The project’s robust and sustainable revenue model is built on its strong foothold in the precious metals industry.
EMCO Network’s blockchain strategy is designed to bring a new level of transparency, tracking, and authentication to the precious metals sector. This initiative aims to overcome the industry’s inability to share sensitive information on a public ledger due to risk factors such as cargo interception. By ensuring the safety and integrity of the load, EMCO Network will promote transparency and validation of goods, benefiting all parties involved.
EMCO Network empowers users in low-socio economic countries to access opportunities for growth and extra income in the form of Micro-Tasks which will allow users to engage and interact providing us with results and data, and them with $EMCO tokens. $EMCO tokens can be staked, sold for stable coin, or swapped to receive NFTs that can redeem physical assets such as gold and silver, or on-sold again in a secondary marketplace.
EMCO will utilise a proprietary software called ENERD that will utilise the power of Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence. The AI will connect to social media accounts of business's and analyse their data, it will then provide a micro task that users can engage in to receive rewards. Business's can also list their own remote tasks and offer incentives for users to complete and be rewarded. This can be in the form of data entry, surveys, research, etc. $EMCO will be the primary token used in the ENERD system.
We will utilise the blockchain further in the precious metals sector by providing transparency, tracking, settlements, and authentication with the blockchain. Currently the precious metals industry is unable to provide this due to the high degree of risk that would be involved with placing sensitive information on an immutable blockchain.
The source of origin, the destination, material type, value and quantity, would be exposed to public knowledge and put the cargo at risk of interception. We aim to utilise the potential of blockchain to help create an opportunity for this without compromising the safety and integrity of the load, allowing for validation of the goods on both ends and providing transparency in this space.
The deployment of Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology (BDLT) will give birth to ENERD, a Software as a Service (SaaS) rewards system, and a Defi platform. This initiative will provide financial inclusion and allow users to access the ENERD Dashboard/App and request a micro-task. The proprietary software solution, ENERD, issues unique micro-tasks to users determined by AI that analyzes data from connected platforms. These tasks, designed to promote organic engagement, will reward users with $EMCO tokens..
EMCO Network will offer staking pools via various DeFi protocols offering flexibility in the way users earn for staking. Staking provides stability that supports network operations, enhances network security, and overall stability. Users will be able to generate passive income through staking rewards, and will gain access to voting rights.
Users can redeem a physical asset in the form of a coin, round, or bar, depending on the value; assets include Gold & Silver and select Gemstones. Users can hold these for safekeeping or choose to redeem the investment, which is sent via secure courier. KYC for courier redemption is subject to the value denoted in the user's local jurisdiction and the country’s custom declaration laws.
Relationships are being established at a local level across the globe that will allow users the ability to exchange their digital assets for physical assets at trusted and vetted bullion dealer partners. This will empower users the ability to convert easily into an asset class of physical value that they can use within local economies.
The EMCO Networks Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is transforming the precious metals industry by introducing transparency and security to transactions involving valuable commodities like gold, silver, and platinum. By leveraging DLT, participants in the industry can establish a decentralized network that securely records and verifies ownership, provenance, and transaction details of precious metals. This implementation reduces the risk of fraud and enhances trust among stakeholders. Additionally, our DLT platform utilizes smart contracts to automate processes like trade settlements, supply chain management, and auditing, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced administrative costs. This innovation unlocks new opportunities for liquidity and diversification within the precious metals market.
Asset Backed Stable Coin EMCO Networks precious metals and gemstone-backed digital stable coin represents an innovative solution that combines the stability of traditional assets with the benefits of blockchain technology. By linking the value of the stable coin to physical reserves of precious metals and gemstones, it provides a reliable store of value and mitigates volatility often associated with cryptocurrencies. This type of stable coin offers increased transparency, as the reserves can be audited and verified on the blockchain. Additionally, the tokenization of precious metals and gemstones through a digital stable coin opens up new opportunities for fractional ownership, making these traditionally exclusive assets more accessible to a broader range of investors.

EMCO Defi Supported by Real World Assets

DeFi has revolutionised the traditional financial system by providing a permission-less, trust-less, and transparent alternative to traditional financial services. However, one of the major challenges faced by DeFi protocols is the issue of stability. Volatility in crypto markets can lead to unpredictable fluctuations in asset prices, which can make it difficult to maintain a stable value for decentralized assets.
To address this challenge, we have developed a unique approach by supporting our DeFi protocol with our underlying business model in the precious metals and gemstone trading sector. Precious metals and gemstones such as gold, silver, platinum, emeralds and diamonds have long been considered a store of value and are recognised as a reliable means of exchange. By using physical assets, we can maintain a stable value for our DeFi protocol, providing users with a secure and reliable ecosystem. Users from low socio-economic countries are often limited to potential opportunities for financial freedom, with very little in assets and access to technologies they are unable to create extra avenues of financial opportunity. They do however have an asset that they use regularly, their digital identities. They are active social media users and they participate in online activities everyday. We want to provide these users an opportunity to take ownership of their online presence by allowing them to participate in micro tasks. ENERD, a proprietary software solution designed to issue unique micro tasks to users via its dashboard, these tasks will be determined by AI that analyses the data from platforms connected to the ENERD software via APIs, ENERD will produce a unique task determined by the outcome of its assessment. These tasks will allow for organic engagement which bots cannot replicate. ENERD will adapt to the users preferences to ensure the interactions are within their interests to provide authentic responses. Upon completion users will be rewarded with $EMCO tokens which they can choose to sell or stake in the Defi platform.

EMCO Network Values

  • Transparency: We value open and honest communication with our community, and believe that transparency is essential to building trust and credibility in our DeFi protocol.
  • Innovation: We are committed to exploring new and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the DeFi industry, and believe that our approach of using precious metals and minerals as a backing asset and an AI-based engagement farming protocol can revolutionise the industry.
  • Community: We believe that a strong and engaged community is essential to the success of our DeFi protocol, and are committed to building a platform that is truly community-driven.
  • Security: We prioritise the security of our users' assets and data, and strive to ensure that our DeFi protocol is built on a foundation of robust security measures.
  • Inclusivity: We are committed to creating a financial ecosystem that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their background, and believe that DeFi has the potential to democratise finance and promote financial inclusion.
By prioritising these values, we aim to build a team culture that is aligned with our mission and can drive us towards achieving our goals.